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Icon Heroes

For All Mankind Season 2 Patches Set (Ronald D. Moore Autograph Edition)

For All Mankind Season 2 Patches Set (Ronald D. Moore Autograph Edition)

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Icon Heroes presents this set of nineteen (19) embroidered patches from Season 2 of the hit Apple TV series For All Mankind! Each patch measures approximately 3.5 inches and is embroidered with a blend of cotton and polyester and includes an iron on backing for easy attachment. As a bonus, each collectible tin is personally autographed from series creator and writer Ronald D. Moore!

“For All Mankind” season two picks up a decade later in 1983. It’s the height of the Cold War and tensions between the United States and the USSR are at their peak. Ronald Reagan is president and the greater ambitions of science and space exploration are at threat of being squandered as the US and Soviets go head-to-head to control sites rich in resources on the moon.

The Department of Defense has moved into Mission Control, and the militarization of NASA becomes central to several characters’ stories: some fight it, some use it as an opportunity to advance their own interests, and some find themselves at the height of a conflict that may lead to nuclear war.

Limited to just 100 sets!

UPC: 759687313513
Material: Cotton and Polyester
Dimensions: Approximately 3.5 inches
Approx. Weight: 0.4 lbs

Ships to the U.S. and Canada

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