Collection: Zoo Jitsu Fighters

Ferocious fusion of martial arts and animal instincts.

In the enchanting realm of Zoo Jitsu Fighters, spectators flock to witness a zoo unlike any other. Here, awe-inspiring animals with extraordinary martial arts abilities engage in thrilling tournaments. Amongst them is Tiago, a majestic tiger marked by his weariness of the cruelty that is put on display.

As the crowds cheer and jeer, Tiago's heart is burdened by the constant exploitation of his fellow animal companions. The breaking point arrives when a tragic event unfolds before his eyes. Fueled by a sense of revenge and justice, Tiago embarks on a remarkable journey to bring about change in this unconventional arena.

With unwavering determination and a newfound purpose, Tiago rallies his fellow animals to join him in rebellion against their captors. Together, they devise a daring plan to take control of the zoo and transform it into a sanctuary where animals can thrive and be protected...

Zoo Jitsu Fighters